Yu Xuan (Andrew) Liu

I'm a Masters student at UC Berkeley working in Pieter Abbeel's group in BAIR. I'm interested in machine learning and deep reinforcement learning.


Imitation from Observation: Learning to Imitate Behaviors from Raw Video via Context Translation
YuXuan Liu*, Abhishek Gupta*, Pieter Abbeel, Sergey Levine
In the proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), 2018
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Learning Invariant Feature Spaces to Transfer Skills with Reinforcement Learning
Abhishek Gupta*, Coline Devin*, YuXuan Liu, Pieter Abbeel, Sergey Levine
In the proceedings of the International Conference on Learning Representations (ICLR), 2017
[pdf] [video]


Temporal Convolutional Policy Networks [pdf]
YuXuan Liu, Tony Duan, Wesley Hsieh
We propose temporal convolutional policy networks and show that they can be effective for partially observed tasks including classical control and Atari pong.

ARCode [project page] [video]
We designed an audio transmission protocol to send messages, links, and pictures using Fast-Fourier Transforms.

iSwipe [github]
First gesture-based keyboard for iOS using a dynamic programming algorithm to match words with vector angle differences

MindChat [project page] [video]
We learn EEG states to encode brain activity and transmit messages using Huffman encoding.

Dreamboard [github]
Powerful iOS theming platform with interactive widgets, custom script parser, and over 11 million downloads in Cydia.

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Intellifit [project page]
We built an iOS fitness tracker that collects real-time motion data and classifies activities using dynamic time warping.

H-Auth [project page]
We learn handwriting styles with a neural network and built an authentication platform based on handwriting.

Instatag [project page] [video]
We automatically generate Instagram tags using image classification and real-time Instagram data.

Meme Generator [project page]
We trained an image captioning model to generate meme captions conditioned on input images.

Scribe [project page] [video]
We applied speech recognition on lecture videos to match lectures with corresponding textbook material using tf-idf.

HouseRank [github]
We trained a ranking system on housing preferences to filter listings on Craigslist.

Kerve [project page]
We implemented a pose classification algorithm with the Kinect for learning Yoga.

MineCraft Mini [github]
Minecraft clone in Java OpenGL with physics simulation, water flood fill, and perlin noise random map generation.

HoloScan [project page]
We built a real-time facial detection and recognition system that can identify people you are looking at.

SmartRoomba [project page] [video]
We hacked a Roomba to follow you with real-time face detection.

Watchpoint [project page]
We built a smartwatch app that alerts you when your phone is out of a certain range.

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